XBL Headset: My Hate / Hate Relationship

I never use my headset on XBL. Frankly, I have enough on my mind just trying to get my meaty hands to manipulate the controls properly let alone attempting to carry on any semblance of a conversation. And then the handful of times that I did use it I plain hated the experience. At best I had to listen to kids while they were talking smack [alert: 9 minutes of profanity-laced posturing]or just humming to themselves.

And at worse... well check out some of the links to listen to more examples of what has me leaving my headset in the box. I couldn't make it more than a couple of minutes into them and I already feel stupider.

Arguing Over Halo 2 Game
"You couldn't even get laid laughing like that, stupid bitch."

My Drunk Ass on Xbox Live
"I can't remember where you live but I'll kick your ass."

Crazy Guy on Xbox Live
"I don't need fucking Ritalin, Ass Monkey!"

I haven't even tried the camera. I just have too many itchy places that I like to scratch when I'm alone.


    It's so true, if only they got rid of all the pre-pubescent americans, xbox live would be a much nicer place.

    It's a common misconception that Xbox live have voice comminication.
    It does have user-generated noise transmission.

    I wish they would realise that some of us do have something else then a 56K modem. Use a better codec!

    That way atleast I could hear the "fuc*** ni****" remarks more clearly.

    And people please use the reputation option to avoid and help out the community with the idiots.

    You're talking 85.2% of XBL there, buddy.

    And I agree. I tried playing a match of Team Slayer last night and had to mute at least 3 people who were yelling "VETO! VETOOO!" at the top of their lungs. I didn't veto. The map loaded. They cried. I laughed to myself.

    Xbox Live : Enter the Squeelers

    I so wish MS would implement a TruAge system as well as TruSkill.

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