XBLA Puzzle Quest Expands

Xbox 360 owners won't have to wait for the upcoming Galactrix to get their Puzzle Quest fix, as D3Publisher announces Puzzle Quest 1.5, and expansion pack due out this spring for Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Don't like the name Puzzle Quest 1.5? Starting today at noon central, fans can head over to www.puzzle-quest.com and enter their name suggestions for a chance at leaving their mark on the franchise. The expansion features an all-new storyline involving Lord Bane's brother, Antharg, the Lord of the Plague, who is a bit pissed off that you killed his bro with glorified Bejeweled. The game takes you into the newly uncovered Southern portion of the map, and features over 25 new quests, more than 50 new spells, 40 new items, plus new monsters and bosses to take on. The expansion also features four new player classes - bard, rogue, ranger, and warlock - which should prove just as entertaining and refreshing in multiplayer as they will in single player. I suppose now I am going to have to spend hours and hours leveling up my new rogue once the pack hits, No word yet on pricing, but where my PQ addiction is concerned, money is no object.


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