Yahtzee Goes Jurassic On Turok

Spoiler alert! Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw doesn't like Turok. But instead of editorially ripping that game a new one, this episode of Zero Punctuation simply uses it as an example of everything that's wrong with console first person shooters. Not the least of which are Aliens-esque character rehashes, the "grizzled, sassy multi-ethnic military types often wearing—or at least located somewhere inside—suits of powered armour" otherwise known as Space Marines. It's a doozy, mostly because of Yahtzee waxing nostalgic about the "backwoods pig rapists" of Redneck Rampage. Give it a play.

Zero Punctuation: Turok [The Escapist]


    I just don't get all the Turok hate. His review was funny but I found the game really enjoyable, especially the campaign. If the lag wasn't so bad when playing from Australia the multiplayer would be good as well.

    He is a pc gamer withing nothing but hate for the console fps, turok didnt stand a chance.

    Ive made the adjustment from mouse to controller ok. Maybe he just needs more practice.

    Zero Punctuation is starting to get lame..

    I mean, the first few were gold, but recent ones have been depressingly boring.

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