Yay! Korg's DS-10 Synthesiser Isn't Japan Only

Yes, I've been a bit obsessed with the Korg DS-10 synthesiser software since it was announced by AQI. Fortunately, it seems that others share my passion for making electronic musical diversions, as the company has responded to (I assume) BILLIONS of requests for a global release. Turns out, Korg DS-10 isn't Japan only, as previously thought.

Tomi from AQI let prospective fans know in a rare English-language update "YES, we will release DS-10 worldwide and currently we're making an adjustment with each territory. So please be patient". Fantastic! Who shall be brave

Hello Everyone! [Korg DS-10 Blog]


    eeeexcellent! i'm absolutely blown away by the awesomeness and officiallness of this product :)

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