Yes, BioWare Says, Dragon Age Is Still Coming

How long's it been since we first saw BioWare's PC RPG Dragon Age? Nearly four years? That's an awful long time. So long, in fact, it's led many people (including myself) to wonder whether the game's ever going to be released at all. Well, according to BioWare, it is coming out, and it'll be coming out soon. Well, soon relative to this game's development, anyways, with BioWare's Matt Atwood saying the title should be out before April 2009, and that when it does hit, we'll all be "extremely excited". Good to hear, though a release date or new info would be gooder to hear.
BioWare talks up Dragon Age [Eurogamer]


    Ah yes, I was wondering the exsact same thing last month when I randomly picked up my copy of the Feb07 edition of EDGE. I took it to work and was flipping through the pages when I came across the artical on DA, I was like. "I remember this, that was a year ago? when the heck is it coming out."

    So it's funny how things happen I guess. I looks like a wonderfull game. It'll sure give Fable 2 a run for it's money. Though, im sure F2 is coming out sometime this year.

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