Yes, There Is Going To Be A 50 Cent II

It was simply inevitable. With Vivendi shipping well over a million copies of 50 Cent: Bulletproof to over a million suckers with crap taste in shooters, a sequel was expected. According to a cover snap of the latest issue of EGM, 50 Cent II, as we're calling it now, is reality. It's getting the "first look" preview treatment in next month's mag, something for which we're sure the boys at EGM were gentlemanly enough to feign interest in for a well-deserved exclusive.

Yeah, sure, I like "In Da Club" and "Hate It or Love It" too, but just because the dude has some finger snapping jams doesn't mean we need another game with his visage slapped on it, do we? Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a wall, Vivendi Games!

EGM SOCOM Cover! [The Real SOCOM]


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