You Can Buy Street Fighter IV for $US 23,000

Street Fighter IV doesn't have a street date yet, but we're pretty sure of two things: 1). It will be released in arcades before on consoles. 2). It will be released in Japanese arcades before in Western arcades. We could be wrong! We're just guessing! But, just in case, we're dead right and just in case you can't wait, there's this: A pre-order for the Japanese arcade cabinet. It'll set you back around ¥2,394,000 yen ($US 23,307). Pre-orders start this March, and it's expected to go on sale this August.
Order Here [Tops-Game via Danny Choo]


    Wow, I thought they'd make them cheap 'cause they want to move units - don't they make a cut of the profits or something? Seriously, I thought it'd be like, $US1000 perhaps. This is insane.

    Mafia loan time!

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