You Know You Want Official Devil May Cry Cardigans

The Devil May Cry series has been a lotta things, but masculine is not one of them. Something about all those exposed chests and red coats and wonderful haircuts. So it's poignant that the official Devil May Cry range of menswear - due to be released in Japan next month - will forgo hoodies and caps in favour of gear including a couple of exquisite cardigans and leather-pocketed polo shirts. With tiny, elegant belts attached, of course. They'll come in two styles (Dante and Nero), and at a price only the most fashion-conscious Capcom aficionado could bear to pay, with the polos priced at USD$75 and the cardigans at USD$105 (Nero) and USD$125 (Dante). Looks a lot, but for the convenience of having a belt on your shirt, it's totally worth it.
デビルメイクライ[Official DMC4 Clothing]


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