You Want GTA IV Australia? That’ll Be $120, Thanks

gta4_ps3box_small.jpgIt’s not $99.95. It’s not even $109.95. No, my friends, Grand Theft Auto IV will have a recommend retail price of $119.95 in Australia. Note that while the PS3 version of the game is shown here (which seems to be a publisher favourite for inflated prices) the Xbox 360 will also cop the $120 price tag.

This is for the standard game, not the Collector’s Edition. It smarts even more when you consider it’ll retail for $US 59.95 in the States. That’s ~$65 Australian, which means we’re basically paying double the price.We asked Rockstar’s local presence for some answers, but all it was willing to do was confirm that the price was correct and applies to both platforms. It also provide a $149.95 price tag for the Collector’s Edition. All I can say is there better be a Dodge Viper – or a fully functional animatronic Jessica Alba – in the CE box, or it’s going to be yet another bitter pill for Oz gamers to swallow.

Grand Theft Auto IV – PlayStation 3 [EBGames Australia, thanks a|A]


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