Your Xbox 360 Controller Officially Needs To Glow

Oh, it's tacky. But it's tacky in the best way. This Xbox 360 controller mod places LEDs under the buttons, adding a bit of Vegas glamour to your otherwise dank and sweating gaming marathon. It's not a simple mod, but if you have the time, the glue and the xacto knife, the linked tutorial will walk you through every step of LEDifying your controller. It even has instructions on how to hook the giant Xbox button to your rumble motor, creating a rumble lighting effect sure to send you into a blissful epileptic convulsions.

Oh, and because LEDs are uber power efficient, you shouldn't see a noticeable drop in battery life. Hit the jump for a hot night shot.

Wired Xbox 360 LED Lighted Controller Mod
[The Llamma's Adventures via MAKE]


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