2008 ArtSpark Competition Open 'Til April 14

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with the HBMG Foundation's 'ArtSpark' competition (designing a stage play or a video game seems to be a pretty broad spectrum of potential products), but in case you're feeling creative, submit an application for the 2008 collaborative competition. Since we here at Kotaku didn't get the information until yesterday, the nice people at HBMG are apparently willing to extend the deadline a little for those of you who came by this information on Kotaku.

The rules of the game are simple... Start with nothing. Use a piece of visual art and a musical composition to "spark" the creation of a video game or play. "Spark" a new musical composition and piece of visual art as a new play or video game is created. Finish with a public showcase of your work and the chance to walk away with a cash prize! Don't forget to enjoy the toys that the HBMG Foundation gives you along the way: a budget, workspace, industry workshops, and equipment to help facilitate the process.

Sounds like an interesting concept, and I'm curious to see what will be produced at the end of this 12 week competition. Collaboration can be fun!

2008 ArtSpark Festival [HBMG Foundation]


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