30 Days Of Night Artist Keen On Game

30 Days Of Night artist Ben Templesmith does damn fine work - fine enough to land him a gig penciling the comic book prequel to EA's Dead Space, as well as doing some design work for the game itself. In a recent interview at Comics 101, Seth "4:10" Robison asked Templesmith how he'd react if EA approached him for a 30 Days Of Night game.

I wouldn't say yes. I'd literally scream it. I'd just ask them to be authentic and make it work while being as respectful to the comic story and visuals. So no sudden space vampires as big as a truck, etc...or any uber-boss like that. EA certainly would have the chops to make a beautiful game version of it. They do gore and blood damn well.

You can almost see the EA exec's eyes light up as he reaches for the phone, only to sigh sadly and go back to playing Minesweeper after reading, "no sudden space vampires as big as a truck". Oh well, it was a thought.

The Crossover Interview #2: DEAD SPACE's Ben Templesmith
[Comics 101]


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