360 GTA IV Is Region-Locked

This won't be terribly useful to Americans or PS3 owners, but anyone in Europe looking to score a cheap imported copy of GTA IV (or anyone in Australia looking to score the uncensored American version) should know that the 360 version of the game's been region-locked by the publisher. I only point this out because, over the past twelve months, nearly every single major 360 release has been region-free, meaning Take-Two joins MTV (ie Rock Band) as two of the last publishers to still make the decision to restrict the international sale of their games.
GTA IV: Region locked [CVG]


    Well perhaps the NTSC-U/C version is region locked, but NTSC-J (Japan, Asia etc) doesn't seem to be according to playasia

    They have the PAL compatability tick on it.. that's where i'm getting my copy from (aussie here).

    Good luck playing multiplayer.

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