360 In Britain: Sales Double, Still In Last Place

Last week, Microsoft announced that sales of the 360 in Europe had doubled since the introduction of recent price cuts . No doubting the accuracy of their claims, but without actual sales figures for the 360 or its competitors, we had our doubts as to their importance. Doubts that are looking fairly justified today, with both SCEE and ChartTrack confirming to Reg Hardware that while 360 sales have indeed doubled over the past four weeks, it hasn't meant much in Britain, with the PS3 is still outselling it, something it's been doing so for the past 15 weeks. They then go on to say that even if you combined 360 and PS3 sales the Wii would still be "healthily" ahead on sales, but that's something you probably could have figured out on your own.
Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK [Register Hardware]


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