80GB PS3 To Stick Around, At Least For A While

Finding some dusty old tapes marked "GDC08", GameDaily have posted an interview held during the conference with Sony's Scott Steinberg, who in case you're not aware, bleeds Sony. Steinberg eventually gets onto the PS3's somewhat-controversial SKU strategy, where he seems to suggest - while explaining why the 80GB model ran dry at Christmas - that the larger PS3 is here to stay:

Reality is the price wasn't that big of a deal and $US 499 sold a lot more than we thought, so the 80 GB got dry at retail not due to us artificially compressing it but the demand became greater than we thought. So you'll see us replenish these in the marketplace. We're still committed to our current strategy and there is much to do about nothing, I think is the way to think about it.

Good news for Americans, I guess, but if they're not phasing them out in the US (at least not yet) it just makes the lack of a BC-friendly PS3 in PAL territories all the more difficult to understand.
SCEA's Scott Steinberg on PS3 Momentum [GameDaily]


    It would make more sense to allow you to use regular PC hard drives. These consoles are supposed to have a 10 year lifespan and you are locked into tiny storage that you paid a huge mark up on.

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