A 6 Year-Old's Take on the Wii Wheel

I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that Tristan is Kotaku's best and most trustworthy reviewer. His reviews were spot on for the 360 Wireless Wheel , SIXAXIS, and the Wiimote. However, because YouTube is densely populated with Nazi whores, you can't see Tristan's older reviews any more. Personally, I think he is one of the coolest kids around. Well, let me elaborate - Tristan's dad has one of the coolest jobs around and Tristan gets to reap all of the benefits. For example, Crecente took Tristan to the Mario Kart Driving School in Denver on Saturday where he got to try out the new Wii Wheel. Since I am the video intern, I had the distinct honour of capturing Tristan's review of the very thing we have all feared. The Wii Wheel, Nintendo's new gamble, could ruin Mario Kart forever. Luckily, Tristan lays it all down for us and puts our fears to rest.


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