A First Look at Gauntlet for the DS

Good morning, campers. Thought we'd start the day off with some screenshot candy and a pointer to the first look at Gauntlet for the Nintendo DS. IGN's got the goods on the classic cooperative dungeon crawler, which introduced "Warrior ... is about to die!" into our inside-joke lexicon back in 1985.

Obviously, Gauntlet's addictive gameplay remains the same as the coin-op and its spinoffs, with upgraded enemies and AI. Graphics naturally are state of the art for the DS. But the real two-dot-oh for this Gauntlet, IGN reports, will be in the multiplayer, will full Wi-Fi support for linking up to three mates and the ability to talk to them over a mike. Everybody, all together now, "Elf needs food!"

Exclusive First Look at Gauntlet


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