A Plane Made of Kid

We're not sure if this is adorable or cruel! Kotaku commenter Purple-Penguin writes:

My son is dressed as a plane, a radio controlled plane, or you can look at it as I made a plane out of my son.

Here's what's going on: Dress up as an aeroplane or make a three dimensional aeroplane out of anything tangible, but paper. So you can't make CGI planes! And you can't draw them either! But, you can make them out of anything else as long as it's not paper. Rocks, clay, toothpicks, whatever! And remember, that means make and not build a plastic plane model you bought in the store. Send entries to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom and, like all contests, don't forget to add a "Kotaku" sign. Remember, we're giving away two copies of Ace Comabt 6 and INTERNET FAME. One copy for the best plane cosplay, the other for the best crafted plane.

Hit the jump for reader Adam's plane, which he based off the Wright Flyer and made entirely out of Q-tips!


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