A Shameless Argument For Video Game Nudity

The folks over at Loot Ninja have posted an open, earnest request for developers to pay attention to certain...details in design. Namely jubblies. Naked ones.

Since majority of the video game players of the world are over 18, putting in some sex or just random nudity shouldn't be a problem. Don't we have a fully robust ESRB system where games are clearly marked as Mature or Adult only? I can see people just coming out of the woodworks to complain that there is nudity...but again isn't that why games are rated? What other purpose do the small letters in the corner of games boxes serve?

But slowly, the argument...digresses...

How great would it have been if in Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, the counter terrorist units storm a strip club? Just picture yourself peeking around a corner and having a huge pair of breasts running your way!

I don't know how I'd feel about such a scene. Would this feature have camera mapping, too?

Or walking into the club and putting your thermal goggles on and seeing a guy catching a BJ in the back room while searching for terrorists.

Excellent, from now on I'll always risk getting shot in the dark.

My guess as to why there's not more nudity in games, aside from the negative aspects of a potential controversy, is that rendered nudity still doesn't look all the attractive.

Lack of Nudity in Video Game
s [Loot Ninja via N4G] [image]


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