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MK Vs. DC: Batman Versus Sub-Zero
Comment by: ShaggE
Nominated by: user.error

Ooh, "DS Universe" sounds even better. "Raiden vs. Nintendog" would be EPIC.

FTC Issues EA Second Anti-Competition Inquiry
Comment by: Fnor
Nominated by: .digiwalsh

@Rebochan: No it doesn't. The first request for information is customary- every prospective merger will have such a request. The second request is atypical, but not uncommon. All it means is that the FTC would like more information on a specific area that was not included in the first request.

@LuckyXIII: So, the government should intercede because a number of people are disatisfied with the product? Is EA doing anything to keep those people from purchasing the video game of another company? The government isn't in the business of saying what is "good" or "bad," product-wise, merely concerned with companies using market power as leverage to hurt consumers.

@thaKingRocka: First, antitrust matters in Europe are handled through the EU in all but purely domestic cases. Second, how did EA gain its market share and largess if not by supplying the public with a product it demanded? It really the only football series on the block before the NFL exclusivity agreement, so you can't say that completely destroyed competition. It seems to me that you are arguing that they make money off Madden and use that to fund a million other projects. So what? The consumers are fine with that. That money isn't precluding new entry into the market through any means other than pure competition, which is always good for the consumer.

That's really what it comes down to. The FTC and DoJAD do not exist enforce some kind of idealised view of a perfect market that any random person can dream up, nor is it their job to reform industry into some other shape over some vague notions of quality or utility. Antitrust law exists to prevent consumers from being screwed by firms with market power. Even if EA has market power (the overwhelming likelihood is that EA does not), it hasn't used that power to harm consumers. In fact, it has competed in every aspect of its business to achieve a powerful (perhaps dominant) position. Unless you can come up with a really good reason for the government to take action against a company other than the fact that you don't like them, chances are you're co-opting a very real and serious legal consideration to add a veneer of respectability to your blind bitterness. Please, spare us all the theatrics, and leave it as "EA sucks."

Top Rated Ikaruga Player: "XBLA Version is Horrible"
Comment by: badasscat
Nominated by: 天水

If it's different than the original, then it is a bad port. It's that simple.

And are most of you guys new to vertical shooters or something? They are all about memorisation. That's the way you beat them. You learn the patterns. There's no secret about this; there's no pretending that the game is any different each time you play. It is always the same. It's all about precision; it's about knowing the patterns and practising your path through them.

It's a cardinal sin to port a vertical shooter to another platform and make structural changes to the game in the process.

It's really no different than taking a famous race track in a racing game like, say, Suzuka, and making a hairpin turn go to the right instead of the left in a port to a new system. Would you consider this a "minor" change? It would screw up the accuracy of the entire track. It's not about "adapting". The problem is it's no longer Suzuka. And even if you've driven the real-life Suzuka and know every pebble and inch of asphalt on it, you're going to have no idea what this "Suzuka" is in this game you're playing, or how to drive it. That's a big problem.

Kids Who Don't Play Video Games Are At Risk
Comment by: Doomstalk
Nominated by: Agies

@jackthompson: Thank you for stating your opinion with such wit, clarity, and precision. Your nuanced argument was so convincing, it has swayed me completely. Your wit and clarity makes it obvious why you are held in such high esteem by the Florida Bar Association, and every judge you have ever stood before. You are a shining example of your profession, and exemplary of why lawyers are universally loved in this country. Cheers!

Konami Cockblocking Metal Gear Online Beta
Comment by: willyt9
Nominated by: sholmes

Instead of worrying about too many people wanting to play their games, perhaps their bitch asses should get back in the lab and finally cook up that sequel to Double Dribble we've all been waiting on for 20 years.

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