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A Call To Ban
Comment by: KeroseneClimax
Nominated by: Witz

I was ready to comment on that article featuring N'Gai Croal's thoughts on RE5, but after scrolling down, I said the hell with it. Why bother? I was ready to really analyse Croal's words and apply them to my own personal thoughts on the matter, but when you get comments like:

" ...anyone, including you, buying into this months old but 'discovered by croal' debate is a sucker. sucking on the balls of the cretin who published this tale."

"You shot at white people 1 - 3, does that make you happy?"

"what a fuckin idiot"

"wtf?! and ppl are saying that this game is gonna cause ppl to be racist?!?!?!? HAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! if ppl arent already racist by the time they are aloud to play this game, they aint gonna be. what a load of shit. this pisses me off, can ya tell?"

"what kind of namie is N'Gai?"

"I had a lot of respect for N'Gai Croal before I read this. But I think he should just shut the fuck up now."

Can you blame me? This is just out of the first two hundred.

This is the exact reason I don't make a habit of commenting on Kotaku that much anymore. Guys like Witzbold, DaiMacculate, dv8godd, PlayingKarrde, trippo, onidavin, Garo and many others are drowning,in a sea of ignorance, hatred, misinformation and plain stupidity.

We all love to joke around, I do too from time to time, but there is a limit. Discussions about race, gender, crime, religion and politics are the last place I should here stupid crap like "Riiiiggge Raaacccerr" or "Fatality". What the fuck is wrong with some of you people? Anonymity doesn't equate to refraining from showing class and respect. You people want gaming to be taken seriously as an art form? Give me a break.

We're all different people from different backgrounds, but we all have one common interest: We all play games. But I'll be damned if the similarities go any further than that.

We don't respect each other. We all want to stroke our own egos before informing the uninformed. Many of us love to jump the gun at the slightest criticism of our hobby. We don't act as though our fellow commenter's have the right to go against majority opinion. We fail to realise that not everyone is from the same country as ourselves. We don't give in to logic quick enough. We stray too far off topic into matters that don't concern what's at hand. we don't read an entire article before placing our thoughts. We don't read other peoples opinions. We don't care who we offend. We don't care about ourselves.

I'm guilty of some of the above like anyone else. I'll admit it. But I won't admit to proving guys like Douglas Wilson right. I never have, and I never will. I've said my peace numerous times, but I try to give the benefit of the doubt as much as possible. I try to respect my gaming brethren to the extent a fan can, but you guys are wearing me out when I come here. You guys are no 4-chan, but Christ some of you give that impression.

Many people here need to grow up, because as an African American male, looking at some of the responses to N'Gai Croal comments were nauseating. I didn't agree with many points of what he was saying, but I'll say nothing at all before writing some of the crap people wrote down. There is just way too much immaturity on a serious topic.

What can I say? It's just the gaming community being the gaming community. Oh, that was too cynical? Yeah well, prove me wrong. I'm tired ladies and gentleman. The insurmountable bullshit you see on a regular basis is a little too exasperating. The Kotaku staff can only do so much, but I'm staying clear of the heavy debates here. There aren't enough people showing Kotaku isn't just a site for a cheap laugh.

That is all for my rant. I'm not expecting anyone to read it. For all the people who may want to jump down my throat, ask yourself: Is he talking about me? Could he have a point? If I'm not guilty, why do I want to slam him? Answer that before hand.

There are allot of good guys out here, but a star just isn't enough to get them heard.


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