Activision: Army Of Two, R6: Vegas 2 Fail

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the shit. This is the gist of Activision marketing director David Tyler's recent comments in UK trade mag MCV, where he called out recent EA and Ubisoft shooters for failing to catch the hearts of gamers around the world.

"We're pleased to have Call of Duty 4 leading the way in the FPS genre, with recent launches such as Army of Two and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 failing to inspire. Call of Duty 4 has been a phenomenal success for us and reflects Activision's commitment to creating truly ground-breaking games."

I'd say this was a pretty damn cocky statement, but last night at Walmart a group of college kids nearly repeated the sentiment exactly, saying that after playing Call of Duty 4, Army of Two and Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 just didn't come close. Eerie. With over a million people playing online any given day, a good chunk of the population playing Halo 3, and GTA IV around the corner, things are looking pretty saturated in the Xbox 360 online shooter department.

Activision: Vegas, Army of Two "failing to inspire" [CVG]


    Haha, "Call of Duty 4 leading the way in the FPS genre," I love how Activision boasts so much over its competitors but avoids mentioning of EA's Crysis.
    But seriously the only thing ground-breaking about COD4 is that it proves you can make the same old garbage with a new hat and people will play it.

    Maybe he was avoiding mention of Crysis because he's speaking about oh, the CONSOLE market?

    You are right about the ground-breaking thing though.

    I just find this whole situation funny because before the much need patches came for COD4, everyone was saying how R6V2 will so dominate gamers and leave COD4 for dead. LOL

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