Age of Conan Is Priced In Gold

In a Funcom investor briefing, the company has spilled the pricing strategy for their MMO Age of Conan. United States gamers will pay $US59.99 for the game and $US14.99/month for the subscription. (Meanwhile, European gamers will pay 49.99 Euro and 12.99 Euro/month.) A quick skim through the briefing reveals some other interesting factoids, like that the game has already gone gold, Funcom expects 500,000-600,000 active subscribers at launch and internal surveys show that a "large proportion" of beta testers would like to buy it. Anyone out there considering cheating on their WoW account?

AoC Briefing [TenTonHammer via Maxconsole]


    Anyone know the Australian monthly subs rate is?

    Interestingly with todays exchange rate makes the price of this in Australia $US 85.27! If I order it from the US and pay US$20 courier fees it works out to A$73.80 (the RRP is $90) plus I get all the preorder bonuses they don't offer in Australia.

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