Akibahara Cracks Down on Crack Showing

Cops are on the look out. They don't want it to happen again. Last time, it was an embarrassing spectacle. And then the time after that, embarrassing again! That's right, Akihabara police are doing their best to prevent arse flashing. Previously, "singer" Asuka Sawamoto hitched up her skirt, splashing her tush thong all over the internet. The story snowballed and was even picked up by Japan's Yahoo! News. The following Sunday, she showed up again, ready to perform and show NSFW rear-endage again. No wonder last Sunday, when girls in maid outfits (and other costumes) sing, dance and stand in the Akiba streets and sidewalks, police were on handle to prevent any arse hattery. That's right, cops were on patrol. Butt patrol.
Police On Patrol [Akiba Blog]


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