Amazon Planning DS Game Price Cuts All Day

Nintendo might not be planning any DS price cuts over the next year, but Amazon is running them all day! Today's Gold Box deals on Amazon are all Nintendo DS games at low, low prices. The Deal of the Day is Advance Wars: Days of Ruin for $US 16.99, though I don't see that one lasting too much longer. Also not lasting much longer is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare DS, which has two hours left at $US 18.99. After that? A mystery! The hints for the next three games are as follows:

1. Dazzle your unsuspecting friends with your magical prowess.
2. Protect the Earth, destroy the invaders.
3. Your destiny awaits. Experience the power.

To demonstrate my complete lack of guessing skills, I will go ahead and say the first one is Magical Starsign, the second one is something about a duck, and the third one is a slotted soup spoon. Told you I suck at guessing.

Amazon Gold Box Deals [ - Thanks David!]


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