Americans Turn Maid Cafes Into Arty Maid Cafes (Wha?)

Maids! No, wait. American maids! That's right, instead of reading about maids, you Americans can go visit them in America. Previously, a maid opened in Canada. Then it closed! And now, another maid cafe is giving North America a go.This month, Royal/T Cafe is having its grand opening in Culver City, Southern California. Though, here's the pickler. The website describes the cafe as a "playful collision of spaces — café/shop/art space — presented in stunning fusion. An eclectic mix of retail and contemporary art reimaged in the surrounds of LA's first Japanese-style cosplay café." That's LA-talk for "Since this café is based on places where Japanese nerds go sip milk tea and play paper-rock-scissors, we've decided to add pretentious artsy-fartsy shit to appeal to American hipsters."
Royal/T [Official Site via Clockwork Machina via a geek by another other name]


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