An Easier Way To Get Hayabusa Halo Armour

I'm with Dan from TBBPS on this one. Why bother spending your time skull hunting when you can simply lay down $US 13.99 to preorder the upcoming Hayabusa Spartan action figure from Entertainment Earth? Part of series 3 of the McFarlane Toys Halo 3 line, this little red gem of a toy not only keeps you from having to hunt down all those skulls (something I never bothered with), but you can also carry it around with you, whipping it out at parties to impress women and men alike. Trust me, there is nothing more attractive than a guy that carries around action figures in his fanny pack. Perhaps it will even come with the elusive katana, or an action feature akin to Cortana's magically glowing crotch, currently haunting my fireplace mantle. The red Hayabusa Spartan is due in August, alongside a silver Master Chief, War Chieftain, Human Flood Figure, a Jackal Major, and whatever else the Toddster has up his sleeves.

Halo 3 Series 3 Red Hayabusa Spartan Soldier Action Figure [Entertainment Earth via TheBBPS]


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