An Ograbme on Employment

To: Ashcraft:
From: Owen
Re: The Weekends are Made for GTA

Well, the weekend was mostly Crecente and McWhertor's show after the 10 am embargo ("OGrabMe" spelled backwards) broke. I think our servers held up under the GTA IV traffic better than Xbox Live did for the Halo 3 release. Needless to say a lot of stuff gets plowed under when a mega-game hits the set.

Here's what we did this weekend:

Grand Theft Auto IV Review: Life, Liberty City And The Pursuit Of Happiness
Mario Kart Wii Friend Code Dump
One Kotaku Editor's Introduction to Gaming
Ken Levine on "Narrative Drive"
The Inaugural All-Time Video Game Character Draft
GTA IV: Best Game Since ... Well, When?

But I'd like to throw a word for my brother, Fletch, whom a lot of the readers have gotten to know in the past week. First he illustrated the Pac-Man crapping post, which is a story that just won't quit. And drafting last in our inaugural Video Game draft, he shrewdly took Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt and walked away with best draft honours in the subsequent poll. Fletch is full of win.

Except for Monday. He got laid off from work, down in Austin, and of course the fams is worried bad. Fletch is keeping busy as best he can, however. Seeing some of the readers turn "THEY GHOSTS" into a catchphrase, he's whomped up a T-shirt for it. Obviously, he's selling the t-shirt. And if, on the outside chance anyone knows of any graphic design work in Austin, Texas, he can stop making them.


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