Analyst: GTA IV Will Smoke The Competition With 13 Million Copies Sold In '07

If Hudson Square Research analyst Daniel Ernst is right, Rockstar Games and Take-Two are going to have a very merry 2008. Ernst lays out the research firm's "top 20 game unit sales and revenue" for the calendar year, projecting that Grand Theft Auto IV will kill the competition with 13 million copies sold. That would mean GTA IV's sales for the year would exceed that of the Grand Theft Auto III's lifetime to date figure and approach total sales of Vice City.

The firm pegs Wii Fit as the year's second best seller and provides estimates for 2007's other marquee titles. Wait, Final Fantasy XIII? Haha! Seriously?!

Yes, the team at Hudson Square Research puts FFXIII's sales for the year at an impressive 8 million copies. Shocking, yes, but maybe not as shocking as Square Enix's PS3 epic actually shipping this year.

Less impressive sales are projected for Metal Gear Solid 4, though, with Ernst estimating only 6 million copies sold, less than Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Other highlights include Super Smash Bros. Brawl (9 million), Wii Play (8.8 million), Gears of War 2 (7 million) and Madden NFL 09 (7.5 million).

The figures, they certainly impress if they don't entirely convince. Given the impressive rise year-to-year sales leaps the industry seems to be making, we won't be surprised if some of this pans out by year's end.

Analyst: GTA IV to Lead All Game Sales in '08 with 13M Sold [GameDaily]


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