Analyst Says That Gaming Needs More Super Stars

Evan Wilson, a senior research analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, has an interesting take on how game companies should handle their most talented members of their staffs—that's not so different from what we see in professional sports, music or the movie industry.

There are very few people in this world who know how to create hits...multiple hits. Those creative minds should be recognised and remunerated in the video game industry for their contribution as much as other forms of media. From a business perspective, that might be more expensive, but if the reward is better selling games the trade-off is worth it.

In other words, Nintendo shouldn't release Super Mario Galaxy but Shigeru Miyamoto's Super Mario Galaxy. It's, of course, an American viewpoint in an industry still very much rooted in Japanese culture.

Analyst: Publishers Would Make More Money By Treating Developers As Stars


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