And The Winning Tattoo Is...

Earlier this week I asked you, the Kotaku voting public, to pick which character would be gracing my arm come this Sunday's appointment at my local purveyor of fine body art. You have spoken, and the winner by an overwhelming margin was Brian Crecente...who doesn't count. Which it would be a great response to the companies at E3 who ask me where Brian is ("Right here on my arm!*), the odds of me one day getting angry at him and taking a flathead screwdriver to my arm are too great. In his stead I have chosen the runner-up, Fighter. The burly Yin to Black Mage's delicate but deadly Yang, Fighter received 1269 votes to Crecente's 1808, with the next closest being Red Mage with only 918. Come back Monday for a look at the finished product, and thank you for helping me decide what to have drawn on myself!

Oh, and special thanks to Qbix for that nightmare picture up there.


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