Another Day, Another 'Adult Crime Game Kids Love'

It's not just writers like us who can't get enough of GTA IV, oh no — what would a GTA release date be without people from all over weighing in? Mike Musgrove over at the Washington Post gives his opinion on the 'adult crime game kids love,' which turns into looking at some of the latest studies on the relationship between violence, video games and kids. Included is an interesting little tidbit about the Grand Theft Childhood:

Funny thing about "Grand Theft Childhood." I had picked up the book expecting that a tome with such a provocative title would take a dimmer view of the influence games have on kids.

Olson said she and her husband wanted the title to be phrased as a question ("Grand Theft Childhood?"), but "publishers don't like question marks."

She said she hopes that folks who want to think there's a link between violence and video games read the book — if the title hooks them in, so much the better.

"We didn't want to preach to the choir," she said.

I guess that's one of the things about GTAso much stuff written in the wake of a new release has precious little to do with the game itself. At least this one is a reasonably positive look at the beloved media topic of violent games and violent (or not) kids.

The Adult Crime Game Kids Love [The Washington Post]


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