"Anti-Americanism Higher Than Its Been In A Long Time"

So Peter Moore has long since taken the reigns over at EA Sports. He's a regular and has blended in like the carpet. But when he left Microsoft last year, did he have any reservations about going over to EA Sports. Yes, yes he did. According to Moore:

When I first came on, my concerns were the "American-ness" of the brand. Powerful brand, strong voice, red, white, and blue, out of California, an American voice: Andrew Anthony, you know, 'It's in the game.'

You love it because it's very clear what it's about. It's a brand that resonates with 14 to 34 year-old males very strongly. And yet, in today's world, particularly in Europe, there's an anti-Americanism that sits higher than it's been for a long time, based on the war, the administration, George W. himself, and you worry about that.

Moore is aware he was shilling the Xbox 360? Right?
Moore Interview [Game Daily via Go Nintendo]


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