Apparently, Rockstar's "Kept Quiet" On GTA IV

Pssst. Hey, buddy. Grand Theft Auto IV is out tomorrow. It's actually already out for gamers who live in The Future, but don't tell anyone. Because, apparently, Rockstar Games is trying to keep things quiet on the GTA IV front. That's according to an AP report, the one with a photograph of the 10-story tall promo posters plastered on a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. All those billboards and posters you're seeing around town and tacked on to buses and such? On the down low.

Oh we're just teasing, AP. We realise there's a difference between marketing to gamers who identify with things like Mountain Dew and Burger King cross promotion and those who have the hots for GTA. We just think it's amusing that Rockstar's marketing, a slow drip of hype served via carefully edited and timed trailers, as well as "viral" tricks like "Wanted" posters could ever be considered "keeping quiet"—because the silence is deafening.

'Grand Theft Auto' Promo Campaign Kept Quiet [FOX News]


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