Appear in the Next Guitar Hero as a Rock God!

Activision is looking for a Guitar Hero uber fan to pop into the next version of the game.

If you think you stand a chance you just need to make a video of yourself rocking out, then register on the Release Your Rockstar site and upload the video. Every week the site will host a montage of the best. The videos will also get their own links on the site. The one that gets the most attention, through blog posts, views, diggs, whathaveyou wins.

The winner gets a character created in his or her likeness in the next version of Guitar Hero, a new video camera, a laptop and a trip to Neversoft in California. Runner's up prizes include "VIP rock experiences", GH controllers, games, consoles faceplates and HD screens.

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Release Your Rockstar

Activision Scours Internet for Hardest Rockin' Mortal to Feature in Next Guitar Hero!

The right planets have finally aligned. The time has come for the world's rock messiah to come forth and offer up face-melting salvation to the masses. Activision is looking to finally crown the one true Guitar Hero and create a character in his or her likeness to be featured in the next Guitar Hero! Anyone can shed their mortal coil and see themselves scorch the stage like their glorious icons.

How do you do it? It's very simple: make a video recording of yourself imbuing anything from a guitar to a Guitar Hero controller to a tennis racket with the mystical power of rock; shred to the best of your ability to your favourite rock song and administer lordship over the universe through whatever axe you choose to wield. Then register on and upload your video.

Every week we will take the best clips and put them together in a righteous montage that may very well offset the Earth's axis. The videos will also stand alone as their own competitive submissions. The video which receives the most diggs, blogs, views, and online postings will win its creator the Grand Prize, not to mention eternal glory—a character created in his or her likeness in the next incarnation of Guitar Hero!

We'll give you a new video camera and laptop so you can document the entire experience once we fly you out to Neversoft in sunny California! Runner's up prizes will include an incredible VIP rock experience on our dime as well as loads of Guitar Hero prizes like controllers, games, game consoles, faceplates, and HD screens. This is your chance to prove to the galaxy your insane skills and to prove it over and over again, right in the faces of your fellow gamers, as your likeness wails on stage in Guitar Hero.


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