Are You Buying Xbox 360 or PS3 GTA IV?!

So, yeah, it's happening. Next week, Grand Theft Auto IV goes on sale in North America and Europe. Some people will buy it. Some people won't. The TUD Giraffe is curious and wants to know. We've got a feature here on Kotaku called "Tell Us Dammit" or "TUD." How it works: We ask a question, you answer it. Simple and no strings attached! This isn't some marketing survey or whatever. It's an emotional investment in you. Yes, we're interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we're sure. But, hey, we'd like to know about you. That way you won't be some faceless blob — and we might feel a tinge of guilt when we ban your arse. Or not, because really we're incapable of human emotion. Whichever! Today's question is a two-parter:

Questions: Are you going to buy GTA IV on the 29th? If so, are you buying the Xbox 360 or the PS3 version?

Me? Since I live in Japan, I'll be importing. Though, I still have decided which one I'm going to order...



    XBOX 360

    Definately xbox 360!!!

    With all the DLC, the controller feels much better and it also doesn't have some half assed sixaxis controls thrown in.

    PS3 for sure, I got an xbox 360 as well, but i fugured i'll get a better deal on PS3, i don't care that much for the downloadable contenet

    ps3, not much else to say

    PS3 because it's simply the best! Besides you don't sixaxis controller if you don't want to it's just an option if you want to mess with it. Also, the extra content for the 360 seems mindless any ways i havn't herd anything about what the content is for. btw microsoft likes to bad mouth PS3 and whats the point for it. So what if you got to download some stuff before you play. Sounds like to me microsoft needs to grow up.

    PS3 over and over.

    A hard choice as PS3 seems to have the graphical edge (early opinions say so anyway), but Xbox 360 has the DLC. I choose the Xbox 360 version for the DLC.

    PS3! Had mine on Pre-order since the 19th of May 2007! :D

    well i was going to buy it for both systems and keep the one i liked the most and sell the other on ebay,,,,,that is until my 360 crashed the other day RROD!!!!!!!!!!!so ill be buying the ps3 version only,,,,,NOT!!!!! that whole story was a lie,,,ha ha ha,i wouldnt ever buy an crashbox 360,id be to afraid of it crashing,,ps3 all the way baby!!!!!!

    Playstation 3

    I like the controller.

    PS3, I also own a 360 but from everything im reading on the net is that the frame rate is better on the PS3 because of the 7 minute download when you first put it in, and trees dont just appear as your driving down the road as they are saying they do in the 360 version. remember. reading from a hard drive is much faster than from a disk. to be honest iv noticed my self shifting from the 360 backer over to the PS3 side on more and more things. with each new update it has more and more fuctions. The Wii, thats another story, i sold it 6 months ago to a friend and he sold it to another friend. it was fun for a month. My pick is for GTA4 on the PS3!!

    I bought an XBOX 360 on the weekend just for GTA4. I dunno, the PS3 just doesn't do it for me.

    However since I wasn't going to get the XBOX for another 2 weeks due to going on holidays (but couldn't resist a special), I'm not getting GTA4 until I get back.

    PS3. i started playing gta on my ps1 and im going to keep with the tradition and play gta4 on my PS3 lol.

    xbox 360
    It has my precious achievements.

    I am buying the Xbox 360 version. Love the controller, the online, and I want to get the downloadable content.
    I didn't ever even consider getting a PS3, the console just doesn't have much right now.

    I'm buying a PS3 bundle partly for this game.
    Tired of my 360s annoying disk and fan noise.

    If i didn't look past the 29th it would be a harder choice to make but i know i'm gonna want that DLC when it comes out so 360 for me.

    PS3 Better controller, Better Graphics! and home integration! PS3 FTW!!

    Play GTA, the way it was meant to be played, only on the playstation3 with the dualshock3

    PS3... what else?!

    Xbox 360
    a) Prefer the controller.
    b) Achievements
    c) DLC

    PlayStation 3 all the way. Crisper Graphics, faster loading time, better uncompressed sound, way fewer popins, etc, etc... Its a no brainer. The PS3 is the only way to play this game. Preordered Special Edition. It will look great sitting next to all 5 other GTA games I have for my PS2 that I play on my 60GB PS3. :)

    360, just better as always

    360 - downloadable content - cleaner graphics - no install time.

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