Arse Flasher Idol Planning More Arse Flashery

Tush thong lady speaks! "Singer" and swimsuit model Asuka Sawamoto has hiked up her mini skirt to Akihabara nerds many times. No big whoop for her! It is for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, who have been cracking down after her flashing incidents ended up on Yahoo! News Japan. Sure, we've all seen Asuka's hindquarters, but what about the woman behind the behind? What does she thing of the ballyhoo? The 22 year-old self-described "multi-sexy idol" says:

"I've always performed in sets of a live performance and photo shoot... I've been doing this stuff in Akihabara since July last year... I'm the most hated person in Akihabara... I can't help it if some people want to complain... And I'd say the warmer weather probably means I'll be showing even more skin than I have until now.

Yeah, coppers. She's been doing this since last July and always does live sets and photo shoots! Geeeez. Is this what the world has come to, where a multi-sexy idol can't even climb up on street posts and show her fundament to 200 plus Akihabara nerds? Whatever will the police think of next... Sawamoto Speaks [Mainichi]


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