Assassin's Creed Digitally Arrives A Little Late

The arrival of Ubisoft's catalog on Steam continues to clunk along, as gamers hoping to be "one of the first to play the PC adaptation of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed" find themselves without a playable version. The PC port is currently on sale at traditional retail locations but the digital unlocking won't happen until 5 PM PDT, it seems. It's an unusual exception in the Steam world, where those awake at 12:01 PDT the day off can burn the midnight oil with their pre-loaded purchases.

The same holds true for Direct2Drive and Ubisoft's own digital store, should you shun Valve's service. It's bad form, we think, but if you're flustered by the lack of Assassin's Creed on your Windows machine, we'd definitely suggest getting in touch with Ubisoft to voice your concerns about the matter.

Ed's note: Assassin's Creed for PC is not available via Steam in Australia.


    Yep.. loving the whole Steam is a whore for the publishers thing they've got going now.. Alternative distribution doesn't exist.

    Give it two years before the main 5 Game publishers buy Steam out from under Valve and crush the entire games ala film.. btw those main five publishers will not be who we know today but rather Warner Bros, Sony, Fox, Universal, Paramount.

    the steam offerings from companies other than valve continue to go from bad to worse. Why would anyone choose a fully priced digital copy over a discounted physical copy that can be resold.

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