Assassin's Creed, I Can't Quit You

You know, I don't play Assassin's Creed, I don't own a PC, don't game on PCs, but every time I watch this video I feel a mixture of amusement, sympathy and outrage. Plus I love the jolly music. I imagine it as an accompaniment to some poor bastard stepping on rakes and skateboards cleaning out his garage. Or a Rube Goldberg contraption gone horribly wrong.

And Rube Goldberg describes this Mousetrap of a quit process to a T. The comments on the YouTube vid page helpfully point out he can Ctrl-Alt-F4 on this but, really, unless this is a sick joke, what goddamn imbecile speced out this process? Two load screens. 11 steps. A buck-thirty on the clock. "Loading?! No! I want to quit! Fine ..."

Assassin's Creed, I Can't Quit You [YouTube]


    This video was actualy made by Dan Stapleton from PC Gamer magazine.
    Small world.

    help!!my assassin's creed every 20 min the computer shuting down please help!?!?!?

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