Assassin's Creed On "Hollywood's Radar"

Variety's Ben Fritz is a games journo, yeah, but dude also works at Variety. Which means he gets an insight into the movie business the rest of us don't. So it's interesting to see that, tucked away in his post about John Riccitiello's "OMG games > movies" rant from yesterday, is this:

...a few big games like "Bioshock" and "Assassin's Creed" are, I hear, on Hollywood's radar.

BioShock, we knew, but Assassin's Creed, that's new. Here's hoping any possible Hollywood adaptation remains faithful to the source material. Be a shame to see them focus solely on violence at the expense of all that church-diving and bench-sitting.
John Riccitiello[Variety][Pic]


    i don't know if its possible to make an assins creed movie im mean theres really no story to it you just kill everybody. but prince of persia nowthat sounds like a good movie

    WTF mike!?! the story is what made assassins creed. Either you must be smoking or you haven't played the game yet. I just hope they use a director like michael bay who made the two transformer movies really awesome. This game has the best story and twist. What's worse than right or wrong? a shade of gray....

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