Atari Innovates Crossword Game Marketing

Now were staring to get a clearer picture of why Phil Harrison called Atari the best opportunity back in early March. This Friday the company is holding an event at Victoria Station in London to celebrate the release of their latest DS title, The Sun Crossword Challenge. The event will feature the crossword talents of two women famous for not being dressed, Page 3 girls Sam Cooke and Vikki Blows, which might not be her real name. What was that again Phil?

The Atari opportunity is the best opportunity that exists in the industry today to redefine, re-focus and re-energise an incredible brand, an incredible group of people towards that networked future. Um, and to do it in a fun way.

Um, alright! For more on the fun way that Atari is re-energising their brand, hit the jump for the two pictures that were released along with the announcement of the Sun Crossword Challenge on the 18th. Sort of not safe for work publicity stills, after the jump.


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