Australia Gets Censored GTA IV

Australia Gets Censored GTA IV

gta4_ps3box_small.jpgScreen Play is reporting that our version of GTA IV was modified in advance to get it past the Office of Film and Literature Classification with an MA15+ rating. While this has been confirmed by Rockstar’s local presence, it was tight lipped about what it removed from the game.

Rockstar has plenty of experience with the OFLC, so I’m not surprised it took no chances and edited GTA IV ahead of the ratings process. Doesn’t stop us from feeling ripped off, especially considering the game’s inflated price.

To be fair, what’s a publisher to do in the face of an antiquated classification system?

UPDATE (10/4/2008): Rockstar has released a statement regarding the edited version, and the lack of an R18+ rating in Australia.

UPDATE (15/4/2008): New Zealand is getting the same version of GTA IV as Australia.

GTA IV edited for Australia [Screen Play, thanks Dom]



    Been waiting for this game for 4 years and they censor the famn thing!!


  • @Midda: That story is from early February. There’s a new story on PALGN, put up today, that has this new information.

  • What total fucking bullshit. Just last month R* said that we will be getting an uncut version and now they change their minds?

    Fuck this backwards shithole country and screw Rockstar for talking out of their asses to everyone.

    I will be importing.

  • PS3 owners will be importing the game in droves. Region free console + cheaper to import + unrestricted content.

  • SOooooooooooooo anybody know if the 360 version is region free yet?

    I’d get the PS3 version but none of my mates have a PS3 which would ruin multi for me.

  • Easier to believe than the OFLC passing a game that allows the player to request BJs from hookers (even if the act’s not portrayed graphically). True or not, until we get an R rating, I’m not gonna take any chances. Any game rated M or above, hello Play-Asia.

  • yeah this is a real disapointment.. i would rather a long delay than a watered down version of the game. To me this is like the mona lisa wearing a burka for a middle eastern art gallery, a quick sale is not worth the sacrifice to artistic integrity.. which makes me look at rockstar in a different way. I may cancel my preorder, or just get all the swag and then sell the game in disgust.

  • Its ridiculous that they won’t reveal what items have been deleted, I want to know before I cancel my CE and import it from New Zealand. What the hell ever happened to freedom of information?

    I wonder if its possible for people with the edited version to receive a patch if that Attorney General dies and the R rating gets pushed through? I’m sure Rockstar want us to have the full experience if possible.

  • Damnit.. i really want my limited edition, and i really want to play it on april 29th. But another gimped copy of GTA….grr…
    I think ill keep my pre-order to play day 1, but might import it and try to palm off my aussie copy on ebay.

  • Actually, before everyone goes completely bannanas and starts ordering sea crates full of copies from the Falklands.

    It’s worth noting that this is all coming from a single news article in the paper (a Murdoch paper too), not from the OFLC and not officially from Rockstar.

    When you consider the PALGN article linked above AND the OFLC website

    It certainly sounds like the game they received and reviewed was the game everyone else got and the official word has been ‘no edits’.

    The game was rated R in the UK but the British censors are a lot stricter than the OFLC with films like 300 being rated R in the UK and MA15+ in Australia. So its pretty conceivable that the poms slapped an R and the OFLC slapped an MA on the same game.

    I’m keeping my duffel bag and lock box on pre-order until Rockstar PR arrive in their bouncing car with thier gold bling and tell me otherwise.

  • I hope rockstar have made the 360 version region free.

    It’s not rockstars fault. Its the Australian government’s fault, specifically the governer general. Make your feelings heard, let your local members as well as our attorney general know that we want an R18+ OFLC rating for video games. Also, let them know with your wallets, import from the US and if the 360 version isn’t region free New Zealand.

  • Ferros, no kidding. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy from Play Asia. It’s $45 cheaper, too, so the only reason not to do so would be the delivery time, but I can be patient.

  • Looks like every PS3 owner will be getting an import copy then..

    So glad the PS3 is region free

    sucks about 360 owners though..

  • fuck them i just ordered it on Play-Asia. BECAUSE of this news. I said to myself and mates that if that happened it’s what I would do.

    Screw you OFLC. I’m going home.

  • What Mr Angry said ^^ This is so frustrating.

    I’m angry that Rockstar lied and previously said we would receive the same version as everybody else, and fed up with the Australian government for being so conservative. I’ll hang onto my preorder for now, but if this turns out to be true, I’m importing from New Zealand.. like I did with Vice City and San Andreas.. ARHHH!

  • Settle down people. Rockstar submitted an edited version for classification. The OFLC had nothing to do with it. Rockstar were simply being cautious.

    Its bound to be something pretty trivial anyway. How many of you were honestly that upset over the edited versions of GTA3 and Vice City? Can you even recall what was edited in them?

    If you really want to do something then contact the government about it. Urge them to consider a restricted rating for games.

  • From what i’ve read NZ has an R18 rating and is also in the PAL region same as aust. Cant 360 owners just buy an NZ version of GTA IV and get around the censoring that way?

  • AJ – The Age isn’t a Murdoch paper, it’s a Fairfax paper. Not that I think that the games writer on the Sun would make this up either. Screen Play can be a bit lame, but there’s no reason at all to think that if Jason Hill says someone at Rockstar told him it was a pre-censored game that he’s making it up. I believe him more than I believe who are saying it’s otherwise.

  • Who the fuck cares? If you really want “strong violence, strong coarse language and drug & sexual references” so badly, then mod your console and import a copy. To me all that shit just makes the game seem try-hard or something. Besides, with a lower rating it will sell more.

  • Did anyone have any doubt that this would happen? I’m still blown away by the idea that they want to charge you guys so much money for it, which is ridiculous when you consider currency conversion.

  • Just in case someone doesn’t know yet, PS3 games are region free (though check before yo ubuy anything), and MUCH cheaper to import anyway. So look around for a good import site and grab this uncensored if that’s how you want it.

    IF this is even true, don’t blame RockStar. The OFLC hate RockStar completely unreasonable – hell, they banned a game because of a MOD – and while I don’t support this decision, they simply may not have gotten the game through the first time they tried… or just knew they wouldn’t the first time.

    There’s only 1 person we need to blame for this disgusting violation of our rights as adults: South Australian Attorney General Micheal Atkinson.

  • really its not rockstars fault.

    If the stupid australian government can’t make an r18 classification for games then there shouldnt be an r18 classification for anything.

    being 18 now i wouldn’t mind if they made any game with strong violence r18. im sure those die hard fans will still be able to get it through their parents..

    The government is looking at the miniscule possibility that
    a) parents will complain
    b)someone will go postal and start a shooting spree

    i can’t recall the last time a person went on a shooting spree in australia after playing a violent video game. And really the game isn’t to blame.

    We’re supposed to live in a democracy but we live in a dictatorship where whatever the current government says, goes. They do this so they can wash the blood on their hand onto the hands of others. Such as the game developers and us the consumer

  • Order it from playasia. Aussies already have to pay ~$120AUD for this shit anywhere they go (EB, Jbhifi etc). Playasia is selling it for ~$70bucks + shipping (which is about…. say $30). Order a few with a friend (or a few) and you’re actually SAVING money and getting a better version

  • Well thats the straw that broke the camels back, i was willing to pay the ridiculous price for the game to have it on day one, but not if im not even getting the full experience. Shame on rockstar for even submitting a cut down version, have they lost their balls or what?

    This could be the start of a long relationship importing games. Hopefully at least this can be the fuel that starts a public outcry over the fucked up ratings system.

  • We have been informed today that New Zealand will be receiving the same version of Grand Theft Auto IV as Australia.

    As you have placed your order after Rockstar announced that the Australian version was edited, we are assuming that you will no longer require the game to be shipped from us, as we can’t supply you with an uncut version.

    The last thing we want to do is supply you with a product that does not meet your needs and we’ve therefore taken the liberty of removing your GTA4 order from our web site.

    We certainly hope we can be more helpful to you in the future! 🙂

    Kind Regards,


    Customer Service

    Gameplanet Store

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