Australia Gets Censored GTA IV

gta4_ps3box_small.jpgScreen Play is reporting that our version of GTA IV was modified in advance to get it past the Office of Film and Literature Classification with an MA15+ rating. While this has been confirmed by Rockstar’s local presence, it was tight lipped about what it removed from the game.

Rockstar has plenty of experience with the OFLC, so I’m not surprised it took no chances and edited GTA IV ahead of the ratings process. Doesn’t stop us from feeling ripped off, especially considering the game’s inflated price.

To be fair, what’s a publisher to do in the face of an antiquated classification system?

UPDATE (10/4/2008): Rockstar has released a statement regarding the edited version, and the lack of an R18+ rating in Australia.

UPDATE (15/4/2008): New Zealand is getting the same version of GTA IV as Australia.

GTA IV edited for Australia [Screen Play, thanks Dom]


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