Australia Will Get Toned Down Dark Sector, Based On Japanese Build

darksector_1.jpgWhen Dark Sector was refused classification in Australia, we decided to chase not only the publisher, D3, but AFA Interactive, the local distributor and developer Digital Extremes.

AFA today got back to us with the following information.According to the distributor, it’s waiting for D3 to send out a new version of the game, based on the Japanese build. AFA says this build features “no decapitation and has toned down the limb severing on humans (only)”. It believes this should meet the requirements for an MA15+ rating from the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

AFA was unable to provide a timeline for an Australian release, but I imagine it won’t be long after it gets its hands on the modified build. If you’re particularly keen for the glaive-based fun of the title, it might be worth smashing the Refresh button on the OFLC’s ratings database until it springs up, minus the RC.


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