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iphone_small.jpgWith the iPhone SDK out and about, quite a few developers and publishers are seriously considering Apple’s mobile phone/happy-fun-gizmo as a gaming platform. I mean, why wouldn’t you when it can make all those pretty, pretty colours?

Rainbow-like appeal aside, we’ve read what EA, id Software and Sega think about gaming on the iPhone. But what about our local guys? Sumea threw a few mobile and iPhone-related questions at Tantalus, Firemint, Infinite Interactive and Sidhe to get their opinions.What I gathered from their replies is that they’re excited about the possibilities and think gaming on the iPhone is a funky concept. This attitude however is tempered by the firm, but politely-put, stance of “we’re not committing to it just yet”.

One of the more intriguing responses came from Firemint CEO Rob Murray:

I am thrilled that Apple has released the SDK and put so much support behind it. But while the iPhone will be an important platform for game developers, it is still just one phone in the mix of all handsets on the market so I wouldn’t focus on the iPhone in isolation. It will be exciting to see how it shapes up against mass market offerings like the new NGage platform as well as other emerging next gen products.

Firemint specialises in mobile development, so I’m not surprised Rob had the most to say. That said, all the developers had something to offer, so go ahead and check out the full article at Sumea.

What our developers think of the iPhone game platform [Sumea]


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