Australian GTA IV PS3 Bundle Incoming?

Tweaktown is reporting that Australia will receive a GTA IV PS3 bundle similar to the one that Kotaku US caught wind of recently. The bundle, which includes a 40GB PS3 and a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV, will retail for $749.

This means you could grab the game for $50, taking the $699 price of a standalone 40GB unit into account. Of course, you need to firstly not own a PS3 and secondly, not own a PS3. Same point, yes, but important enough to mention twice.

Tweaktown says this info comes from a retail source, so we’re on Sony and Rockstar’s cases for confirmation.

What about Xbox 360 owners? Microsoft already has you covered, as long as you’ve pre-ordered.

GTA IV PS3 bundle coming for Australia [Tweaktown, thanks Simon H.]


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