Aw Fuckles, Wife Back in Hospital

To: Crecente
From: Bash

Been a shitty few days. Wife took a sudden turn for the worst, lost something like 3 kilograms in two days, throwing up non-stop, back in the hospital. Brutal, brutal times. She threw up so many times today in the hospital that her throat is raw and she can't eat solids.

Good news: Doctor says baby is fine, healthy. And as of tonight, Mrs. Bashcraft is doing much better. When she was pregnant with Mini-Bash, it was like this until her 14th week. So we've got a few more weeks of morning sickness from hell before she'll return to normal.

Played soccer with Mini Bash today for about an hour. Seemed to cheer him up.

We knew it was going to be like this (was like this last time), but still, words cannot describe how stressful these past few days have been. Leaving the hospital today, Mrs. Bashcraft said this: "I'm sorry."

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    I thought I should chime in my wife had the exact same thing when she was pregnant with our fist baby. It was absolutely awful, a month before the birth she was in hospital on a drip because she wasn't keeping water down.

    As soon as our son was born it was like a switch had been flipped and, other than sleeping for about 20 hours, she was absolutely fine, the first thing she asked for was McDonalds.

    I'm sure you've tried it but gingers a pretty good natural remedy, if you get them in Japan, Ginger nut biscuits helped my missus control her nausea.

    Womens hormones are terrifying things.

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