Back in the Saddle

cowboyblogger.jpg Well, I am finally back after my two weekend hiatus.That makes three full weeks since I have roamed the hallowed halls of Kotaku Tower. Thankfully, Ash swept my room in my absence and fluffed the straw on my cot so I would be comfortable upon my return.

It was an amazing trip across the country and between the stops at Graceland, catching sight of a 72oz steak, a 4lb hamburger and the Liberace Museum, I even managed to see some video game related things . Arcades in truck stops, game stations in fast food joints and the Spike VGAs, not to mention the myriad video poker machines in Vegas. Sure, you could argue that those aren't video games, but Xbox LIVE has Texas Hold 'Em which is basically the same thing. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Reporting to you live from my favourite cafe in San Francisco, I will be bringing you some of the stories from the road mixed in with the regular enormous dearth of news there always is on the weekends and especially around the holidays. Hopefully there will be something in there that will interest you.

I never really thought I'd miss writing twenty four articles a weekend, but damn it's good to be back


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