Bad Company Drops Weapon Charges

After the shitstorm of dissension in the ranks of gamers upset over the possibility of EA's upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company including weapons that were only available for purchase via Xbox Live or in the special Gold Edition of the game, DICE senior producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson has come forward to announce that there will indeed be no exclusive weapons for sale. Reversing what EA told Crecente back on the 24th of last month, Troedsson reveals that while the Gold Edition does contain five exclusive weapons, purchasers of the regular version will be able to unlock all of the weapons by reaching the final rank in the game..

All guns are available to everyone. However, we want to give some exclusivity to those who buy the Gold Edition. They will get the five Gold Edition weapons from Day One when they put the disc in. People that don't buy the Gold Edition can get the five additional weapons by getting to the final rank in the game.

As for the remaining five weapons, those will be available to everyone free of charge via various marketing promotions run by EA, along the lines of 'Fill out this survey, get your gun code'. The fact that they were originally listed as purchasable via Xbox Live, according to Troedsson, was a simple miscommunication.

All of you noisy bastards who complained vehemently from day one should give yourselves a big pat on the back, as community voices were the reason the change was made.

It's really important for us to get across that we do listen to what people say out there. We don't have time to run around and comment on everything but we do listen to what people say out in the community. It's really important feedback and that's why we make changes like this.

Just to verify all of this information, we got in touch with EA directly, and a representative for the company verified all of the above information, stating that the guns would never be available for purchase, and that the DICE folks, being big on community feedback, were testing the waters with the DLC idea. Turns out the waters were far too hot.

We Want Free Weapons!
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