Be Happy That You Aren't Buying GTA IV In Denmark (Sorry If You Are)

Are you having a tough time sifting through the colon of your couch, searching for $60 in loose change to procure GTA IV? (Oh, and btw, half-eaten Cheetos aren't exchangeable for currency.) Thigns may look bleak, but you don't have it so bad. Because through the joys of an international economy, underage gamers in Denmark will have to spend a bit more to get their drugs/violence/sex fix of GTA. At EBGames listed prices of £63 for the Xbox 360 version and £57.75 for PS3 version, the cost of GTA IV in Denmark runs $140 and $125, respectively. At those prices, the game really might drive a few citizens to crime...though not in the way that most of us anticipated.

Denmark selling the most expensive copies of GTA IV in the world?


    Wow, I sure don't wanna be around when Rock Band is announced for Denmark.

    Thats more or less the same price as here. Although, why more for one console than the other?

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