Be Sinister, Win An Xbox 360 (Or Alone in the Dark Soundtrack)

Be Sinister, Win An Xbox 360 (Or Alone in the Dark Soundtrack)

aitd5_1.jpgAtari has just announced “Sinister Sightings”, a competition to promote the new Alone in the Dark. The objective? To take the creepiest photo you can in the world’s least creepy locale – a park.

Okay, maybe parks can be creepy when murderers, hobos and other, less savoury types stalk their finely manicured shrubbery. In any case, it’s up to you to make it an unsettling place so your photo is indeed, disturbing.

A winner will be chosen each week via online voting. Each winner will receive a copy of the AITD 5 soundtrack, while the winner with the most votes at the end of the competition will get an Xbox 360.

If you think you have what it takes to put the “Oh” into “Oh my God, there’s a weird dude in the park taking photos of me” then be sure to hit the jump.

ALONE IN THE DARK ‘SINISTER SIGHTINGS’ PHOTO COMPETITION NOW LIVE – Xbox 360 Console and Original CD Soundtracks Up for Grabs on Official Website –

The ‘Sinister Sightings’ photo competition is now live on the official Alone in the Dark website and will run until 26 June. Open to visitors from Europe, US and Australia, the competition invites intrepid photographers to upload their original photos of creepy and bizarre scenes witnessed in parks onto the photo gallery for the chance to win soundtrack CD’s and ultimately an Xbox 360 console.

Online voting will determine the photo of the week, with each winner receiving an original Alone in the Dark soundtrack CD. Composed by Olivier Deriviere and featuring the Hungarian choir, The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, the soundtrack to Alone in the Dark is a haunting and powerful score, the perfect soundtrack to an unsettling late night walk in the park.

The photo with the most votes by close of the ‘Sinister Sightings’ competition on 26 June will win the grand prize of an Xbox 360 console. To find inspiration and view, upload and vote for photos of scary sights, visit

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